About Daniel Sofer

I’ve spent my life at the intersection of art and digital technology: music synthesizers & drum machines, sound recording, laser light shows, print, video, multimedia, web design; and photography.

These days I am mostly working in photography. I shoot photographs mostly of landscapes and architecture. I like to think of my photographs as warm, clean, and sharp; a balance between spirit and technique. I love the time between day and night, light and dark, natural and artificial light. I guess I just love light and the way it reflects off things.

I am now living in both Los Angeles and Kyoto, Japan, and you will see plenty of images from both places on this site.

As former president of the Los Angeles Adobe Lightroom user group LADIG, I am happy to discuss/consult with photographers wanting to know more about this great image editing/management program.

Contact Information:

Email: photos@hermosawavephotography.com
Phone: Please try email first, thanks.
I'm mostly on Mastodon these days, but you can view my latest photos on any of the social networks at the bottom of this page.