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Sunday, April 2, 2023


Evening light-up event at Kiyomizudera Temple, including a blue beam shooting across the sky. Warm weather has brought out the maple leaves several weeks earlier than normal.

One of my ideas for going to Kiyomizudera this evening was to shoot a photo as an homage to this ukiyo-e print by Hasui Kawase from 1933. There were, however, many people visiting the temple at this time (lower left photo), but by patiently waiting, compositing a dozen shots of the same picture (with people moving in and out of the frame), and a small bit of retouching, I was able to create a satisfactory image (lower right).

Taken in Higashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

Zoom in for more detail.

PictureCode: 230402

PictureCode: 230402
Location: Higashiyama
Keywords: Lightup, Gardens, Kiyomizudera

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