About Daniel Sofer

I’ve spent my life at the intersection of art and digital technology; music synthesizers, laser light shows, print, video, multimedia, web design; and photography.

I shoot photographs of mostly landscapes and architecture. I like to think of my photographs as warm, clean, and sharp; a balance between spirit and technique. I love the time between day and night, light and dark, natural and artificial light. I guess I just love light and the way it reflects off things.

I show my photographs online, on social media, at places like the LA Center for Photography, and at arts and crafts fairs around Southern California. I win an award once in awhile :-)

I love talking about how technology can empower our creativity, and am President of the Los Angeles Digital Imaging Group (ladig.org) where we do just that at our monthly meetings, centered around Adobe Lightroom.

2018 Appearances:

  • Nothing scheduled at this time.

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